Extending Xamarin with Behaviors, Commands, and Triggers

Extending Xamarin with Behaviors, Commands, and Triggers – Learn how to develop Zamarin with behaviors, commands and triggers

Xamarin is a great tool for developing cross-platform apps and interfaces. But did you know that there are extensions that can actually improve your code? This course introduces three features to dramatically change the way you code applications with Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms. Learn how behaviors can turn your forms into styles. Then find out how commands add functionality and rigor. Last but not least, discover how to configure triggers to create more dynamic interfaces. This course uses a project-based approach to teach Xamarin developers when, why, and how to use these extensions, and ties all three features together into a single Xamarin app.

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Language of instruction: English
Teacher: James Timberlake
Level of training :, Secondary
Training Time: 1 hour + 30 minutes
File Size: 697 MB

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