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As a freelancer, while doing great work is important, it isn’t enough. You’ve also got to focus on building your business. Through his business, Unreal Collective, Jay Clouse has helped freelancers all over the world start and grow their own freelance businesses. In this course, he shares his tips and insights with you. Learn how to set goals, manage your time, and create a budget for your business. Discover how to write proposals and contracts and bring in a partner when the time is right. Explore the tools that will help you save time and energy on everything from scheduling to bookkeeping. Jay also provides techniques to help you improve sales, increase referrals, develop a personal brand, and design compelling content that drives interest in your services.

Topics include:

  • Identify what types of tasks to prioritize
  • Examine the components of the payment section in a contract.
  • Summarize how to productize your services.
  • Recognize why having a website is important long-term.
  • List the key information needed on an invoice.
  • Describe the benefits of selling offline.
  • Identify examples of a downsell.
  • Explore the differences between a case study, testimonial, and white paper.


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