Fully Connected Neural Networks with Keras

 Fully Connected Neural Networks with Keras    Free Tutorial Download

Neural networks, with Keras, bring powerful machine learning to Python applications. They can answer questions like “How much traffic will hit my website tonight?” or answer classification questions like “Will this customer buy our product?” or “Will the stock price go up or down tomorrow?”

In this course, we’ll build a fully connected neural network with Keras. This is the most basic type of neural network you can create, but it’s powerful in application and can jumpstart your exploration of other frameworks.

We’ll start the course by creating the primary network. Then we’ll:

  • build and configure the network, then evaluate and test the accuracy of each
  • save the model and learn how to load it and use it to make predictions in the future
  • expose the model as part of a tiny web application that can be used to make predictions

You don’t need to know a lot of Python for this course, but some basic Python knowledge will be helpful. Enjoy!


Download  Fully Connected Neural Networks with Keras   Free


Password : freetuts.download

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