Fundamental concepts of Budgeting & Forecasting Business

About the Class

Have you wondered what is basis of Budgeting & Forecasting revenue and expenses.

We hold a live workshop lately and discuss this topic in fairly details. This course is re-production from live reocrded videos of workshop to give you a taste  concepts in budgeting & forecasting.

Please note this is not an excel class and we are not doing real budget here. however we are understanding fundamentals lying under how revenue and expenses are forecasted.

Who Should Subscribe

You should have some understanding of your business and financial statements.

If you wish to learn the fundamentals of how budget and forecast are created (not relying on excel of system calculations)

About Case Study

Case Study in question is a hotel, hence all concepts are related to hospitality however other industry might get benefit out of it.

If you have any feedback of feel i missed anything please let me know and i will add those

Who this course is for:
  • Startups & Small Business Owners who wish to get concept how to make budget
  • Non-Finance background managers
  • Finance Managers / Asst Finance Managers

Screenshot Tutorials/Courses

Download Free Tutorial Fundamental concepts of Budgeting & Forecasting Business


Password : freetuts.download

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