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GDPR Compliance Cookbook   Free Tutorial Download

Before we start, if you only need an introduction to the GDPR, this is NOT the course for you – please pick one of the alternatives (we have one, but there are many others), however, if you need to achieve compliance in an organisation, read on…

Using our proven “Understand, Implement, Protect, Maintain” framework, we will cover the key obligations that apply to organisations that fall within the scope of the regulation and will cover how to build and maintain a compliant position.

  • This course is designed as an action plan that can help you significantly lower your compliance risk in relation to the GDPR and data protection.
  • 17 lectures over 2.5 hours that actually explain the GDPR, what it means and what your must do.
  • Free supporting materials, quizzes and infographics.
  • Includes detailed compliance checklist to ensure you’ve not missed anything.
  • Includes a 137 page long ebook covering the entire course, the material from our introductory one hour course “GDPR The Basic Facts” and the comprehensive checklist (attached to last lecture).
  • Written by practitioners with real life experience and knowledge of implementing GDPR in large organisations
  • 30 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!

We’ve worked hard to make this a great value course that helps you to improve your organisation’s compliance. We take you through a structured approach that addresses the elements of the GDPR that apply to organisations and what you need to do to demonstrate compliance in line with the accountability principle. If you follow the steps in this course, you will reduce your regulatory risk.

We are proud of the feedback we’ve had so far, here are some examples;

“Good Content – clearly explained. Thank you”, Sue.

“Excellent course-very informative, at least I know now what is GDPR and its process. Instructor was to the point and very knowledgeable.” Natalie.

“Le contenu du cours est très bien expliqué. L’auteur a une excellente diction. Les concepts sont bien expliqués. » Arouna.

“An excellent introduction to the GDPR for someone fairly new to the regulations (such as me). The far reaching scope/requirements of the GDPR is covered well in the course and this has helped me realise what new steps will be needed in my business.” Darren.

As well as video lectures, the course includes a detailed compliance checklist, additional articles and quizzes to test your knowledge and help you on your GDPR compliance journey.

We won’t just read you the law, we explain what it means and what you need to do.

Remember, Udemy offers a money back guarantee, so you really do have nothing to lose (in fact, we encourage you to ask for a refund if you’re not happy)!

Who this course is for:

  • People who need an “in depth” approach to compliance (if you only need an intro to the GDPR, this is NOT the course for you)
  • People with responsibility for improving compliance in an organisation and needs a structured approach to help them.
  • Anyone who needs to understand the impact of the GDPR on their organisations.


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