Getting Started with Cloud Computing – Level 1

Start your Journey in the Cloud Computing Revolution – What, Why and How! Free Download

What you’ll learn
  • Fundamental understanding of what is cloud computing
  • The evolution from traditional IT to cloud services
  • The 5 basic characteristics of cloud computing
  • The 3 main service models – SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
  • The 4 cloud deployment models – private, public, hybrid, community
  • Understand the key benefits of public cloud services
  • Nothing specific is needed to start the training program
  • Just bring a nice coffee…

“This was an excellent course that took me from zero knowledge to understanding the rational for ‘the Cloud’, the benefits of Cloud technology and how Cloud technology works in some reasonable detail. I’m very very pleased with Idan’s course.” Iain K.

Thanks for this intro. it has sparked my interest and I look forward to expanding my knowledge in this area” John.

“Great Learning and one of the best organised course I have done on Udemy. Thanks”, Raza A.


Cloud Computing is becoming the mainstream in the IT world as a growing amount of companies around the globe are in the process of a digital transforming while using the power of cloud-based services.

Evolution leading to Revolution – traditional IT already use a variety of virtualization technologies to better utilize their physical IT resources. Moving to private clouds is another step in the data center evolution, where existing infrastructure will be utilized and upgraded to provide cloud-based services. In addition, public cloud services are getting huge market momentum as more and more companies are migrating their applications to 3rd party cloud providers. Public clouds are now leading companies to new business frontiers.

Basic Skills for Everyone – cloud computing and cloud services is touching almost every corner around us, whether you are a software developer, IT professional, system administrator, IT manager, solution architect, project manager, marketing manager, product manager, sales engineer, security expert, network expert, students entering the IT world and so on.        Level 1 – we need to start with something so this is the first course in a larger training program (“Getting Started with Cloud Computing”) dedicated to the important subject of cloud computing. The training program is divided into several levels enabling students to start from scratch and grow their knowledge in step by step or maybe select a specific level according to their knowledge and experience.

Would you like to join the Cloud Computing Revolution? 

Who this course is for:
  • IT Professionals
  • Software developers
  • Cloud Administrators
  • IT and Telecom Experts
  • Security Professionals
  • Product/Project/Marketing Managers
  • Bachelor of Science Students


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