Google Analytics for experienced marketers

Google Analytics for experienced marketers

What you’ll learn
  • Identify the channels that are driving traffic to your website
  • Be able to compare traffic metrics in a visual way
  • Know how to set up tagging for accurate reporting
  • Learn the differences between source and medium reports
  • Know how to avoid common referral reporting issues
  • Gather more data in Google Analytics than provided in Google AdWords or Google Search
  • Discover the benefits and challenges of Social reports and alternatives to using Google’s Social Data Hub
  • Be able to report on campaign data from various marketing channels
  • Learn how to import cost data from other platforms into Google Analytics
  • You’ll want to have access to a Google Analytics account so you can follow along with your own data.

Attracting visitors to your website is the first step in the conversion process, but you likely won’t attract the right people to your website if you aren’t focusing your efforts in the right place. Google Analytics Acquisition Reports can help you discover how people are coming to your website.

In this Google Analytics Acquisition Reports deep-dive, we’ll cover how to identify marketing channels that are driving traffic to your website, gather more data by combining Google tools and avoid common website reporting issues, among others.

This two-hour course is available on-demand for you to revisit or rewatch at your convenience. Along with unlimited access, you will have the opportunity to ask Google Analytics certified expert Janet Driscoll Miller any direct questions in the discussion area.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners who want to improve their website
  • Intermediate users who want to gather more insightful website and marketing data
  • Experienced users who are ready to delve into Google Analytics Acquisition Reports


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