Hands-on Google Cloud Platform(GCP) – Data Engineer

Download Tutorial Hands-on Google Cloud Platform(GCP) – Data Engineer

This course is exclusively designed by NoTEZ to teach about GCP in most simplest way possible. 

Students who enrolled  for our previous courses on GCP had requested more in the series and hence this course is live.

If you havn’t enrolled for our Other courses, enroll today n start exploring more.

This course is designed to give idea about Google’ s data engineer certification But Not limited to just that.

This course will give you indepth practical knowledge on various components of GCP.

Enroll today &  explore more

Course Overview

Module 1- Introduction

 All about Google certification, Overview –Data Engineer Certification, What is and why to use CLOUD?

Module 2 – Hands on GCP


Module 3 –Hadoop

Introduction to,Hadoop, Hadoop-bigger picture, Hadoop- In detail, HIVE, HBASE,PIG

Module 4- Compute

Introduction to Computing, Google compute engine(GCE), Preemptible Virtual Machine, Google APP engine (G A E), Google container engine  ,Kubernetes ( GKE),Comparison,Labs

Module 5- Storage

Introduction, Cloud Storage, BIGQUERY, Data Store, More on cloud storage, Working with cloud storage, Transfer service, Cloud SQL, Cloud SQL – PROXY, Cloud Spanner, Hot Spotting, Data Types, Transactions , Staleness, Labs

Module 6-Big Table

Big Table Introduction, Columnar store, Denormalized Storage, CRUD Operations, Column families, Choice of BigTable

Module 7-Datalab

Module 8-Pub/Sub

Module 9- Dataflow

Module 10-BigQuery

BigQuery Data Model, Querying & Viewing,Labs

Module 11-Machine Learning & Tensorflow

Introduction to Machine Learning, Typical usage of Mechine Learning, Types,

The Mechine Learning block diagram, Deep learning & Neural Networks, Labels, Understanding  Tenser Flow, Computational Graphs, Tensors, Linear regression , Placeholders & variables,

Image processing in Tensor Flow, Image as tensors, M-NIST – Introduction, K-nearest neighbors Algorithm, L1 distance, Steps in K- nearest neighbour implementation, Neural Networks in Real Time, Learning regression and learning XOR

Linear Regression, Gradient descent, Logistic Regression, Logit, Activation function,Softmax, Cost function -Cross entropy,Labs

Module 12-Operation & Security

Stack driver, Stack driver Logging, Cloud Deployment Manager, Cloud Endpoints, Cloud IAM ,API keys, Cloud IAM- Extended, Labs,

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