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Download Tutorial How to make a Social Networking app -Android App Development

What is Social Media and Social Networking?

Social media is akin to a communication channel that delivers a certain message to a wide audience. Social networking is a two-way communication channel whose participants form a community based on certain interests. Social networking websites use social media for community-based engagements.

Why Social Media Development

Social media channels are the best way to engage with your audience on an everyday basis. It’s an excellent source to find potential clients and promote your business. Such world famous and widely used social networks, like Facebook or Twitter, create applications to promote their brands and stay tuned to their customers.

What Our Social Media Developers Offer

Our social media developers are not only familiar with social media APIs of Facebook, Twitter, Flikr, VK, etc.; they’ve developed a number of social networking sites, portals, and social media tools. We’ve also made integrations of existing web apps with their social media channels, analytics of social media activity, and the scheduling of social media posts.

We’ve also done a lot of integration with search engine APIs (Google API, Bing, Yahoo) and Map APIs (Google maps, Here maps, Yandex maps).

Profound expertise in business analysis of social media allows us to create high load applications, which provide simple, logic and intuitive navigation for users.

Based on your requirements and our deep experience in social media development, we can offer the most suitable business model for your future app.

To make a social media app, both web and mobile, we use the most popular and cutting-edge technologies, such as PhoneGap, React.js, and Node.js.

Key Services

  • Social media expansion strategy for your business.
  • Refined UI/UX of your social media apps.
  • Creation of high-load social media apps with broad functionality (cross-posting, analytics, data storage, and processing).
  • Creation of apps and extensions for social networks.
  • Creation of social messaging bots.
  • Search engine APIs (Google and beyond) integration with any existing application.

Screenshot Tutorials/Courses

Download Free Tutorial How to make a Social Networking app -Android App Development

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