How to Produce Prediction Map in GIS With ArcGIS and Excel?

Download Tutorial How to Produce Prediction Map in GIS With ArcGIS and Excel?

Since the late 1980s, the widely popular and efficient geographic information system (GIS) has facilitated the development of new machine learning, data-driven, and empirical methods that reduce generalization errors.

In the this course, i have shared a famous and solid bivariate technique (Frequency ratio), to help you start your first prediction map using ArcMap and Excel only.

I will explain the spatial correlation between; prediction factors, and the dependent factor. Also, how to find the autocorrelations between; the prediction factors, by considering their prediction importance or contribution. Finally, I will Produce susceptibility map using; Microsoft Excel and ESRI ArcGIS only. Model prediction validation will be measured by most common statistical method of Area under the curve (AUC).

Who this course is for:
  • Students and researchers of environmental engineering sciences, Ecology, and Other Natural Sciences
  • Any discipline who wanted to start easily using GIS in producing susceptibility mapping purposes and hazard assessment
  • Beginner in geographical information system software’s, looking for quick self development

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Download Free Tutorial How to Produce Prediction Map in GIS With ArcGIS and Excel?


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