How to Publish Your Book

 How to Publish Your Book   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn
  • Choosing the market for your book
  • Researching your book
  • Writing your book
  • Formatting for Kindle
  • Choosing a Title
  • Creating a cover
  • Choosing the best tags
  • Choosing the best categories
  • Writing the book description
  • Pricing your book
  • KDP Select program – is it worth it?
  • Uploading your book
  • Promoting your book

A complete guide on how to Self-Publish a Kindle Book

This is a start to finish course of researching, writing and creating a Kindle book. Without getting writer’s block.

During this “How to Self Publish a Kindle Book “course, you will look over my shoulder and see the best ways to quickly become a published author.

Amazon is fast becoming the “go-to” destination when people want to actually buy something – it’s overtaken Google for actual shopping searches.

The Kindle is the best selling eBook reader. It’s competitively priced and easy to use. Millions of these devices are sold every year and they need books to read!

You’ll be taken through everything you need to know about publishing on Kindle.

What’s included in this publishing on Kindle course?

  • How to choose the market for your book even though Amazon don’t provide a keyword research tool.
  • How to research your book without getting stuck in analysis paralysis.
  • Writing your book without ever getting writer’s block.
  • Formatting your book so that it looks good on the Kindle.
  • Choosing an attention grabbing title for your book.
  • Making sure that your cover is the best possible, even at the postage stamp sizes that most people will see initially.
  • Choosing the best tags for your eBook.
  • Choosing the initial categories for your Kindle book (even though Amazon will likely change these once it works out where you’ll get the best sales).
  • Writing a compelling book description that will get potential buyers and search engines excited.
  • How to price your book for maximum profit.
  • Whether or not you should join the Kindle Select program and make your eBook exclusive to Amazon.
  • Uploading your book ready for publishing on Kindle.
  • Promoting your book to get maximum sales.

If you want to become a published author then you need this “How to Self Publish a Kindle Book “course!

It contains practical, real world, advice from a published Kindle author – I’ve been there, done that. You can fast track your publishing career by following this course.

The video lectures are easy to follow and split up into bite sized chunks so that you can always make time for them. They cover everything you need to know with detailed screen shots so you’ll see exactly what you’ll see when you come to publish your own Kindle book.

The course includes a simple way to quickly create a book on any subject without getting writer’s block. When you follow this method, your book almost writes itself!

There are lots of other tips and tricks to help you become a published Kindle author and start earning royalties.

If you then passionate about self publishing, take this course right now and learn how to self publish a Kindle Book.


Who this course is for:
  • Non-fiction authors


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