How to teach your kids using only GAMES on your mobile

Your kids are already entrepreneurs. In fact, they are the greatest entrepreneurs on this planet. 
They are ferocious,
They are creative,
untied to conventions,
they have endless energy
they have endless desire to discover the world.
All you need to do, is to give them the right tools to do that.

In this course I will cover a list of apps that I encourage my children to play with in order to make their learning – fun.
Apps that while being played, your kids will be taught computer programming fundamentals, math, algebra, languages and more.

This course addresses parents of kids aged 2-13.

When I first discovered that there are such apps, I started reading and searching for articles about more apps that serve my ideals:

  • apps that are educational but feel totally like a game.
  • Apps that do not make my kids feel like they are learning while they actually are.

I started searching, reading a lot, testing apps… Everything I found was articles that published texts in order to recommend their own apps, people who wrote articles so when someone buys through their link they will earn a share, apps that were educational but didn’t serve my purpose. Some did the job, but I payed for all the apps that didn’t do it on the way to discover those that did.

I found my self downloading 30-40 apps of the same subject per day and deleting 99% of them, leaving only those who served my purpose. I kept only those who were really educational while at the same time, felt like a game. The games that I kept were the ones that made me think: “Wow, this is truly genius. So simple, so smart, so educational, so playful.”

most of the apps and games I will show you are free (but not all), and since they are education oriented, they get very little exposure and publicity and I think that all parents should expose them to their kids in order to elevate the potential that is in their mobile phones and the desire of their kids to play with them.

It took me a lot of time to collect those specific games that give real value for the time my kids spend on my phone. I practically downloaded more than 30-40 apps a day and deleted 39 in average. Leaving only the one app that showed real value – real learning, while having real fun playing them. (and taking care of the fact that they wont notice that this game is actually teaching them and developing on their skills).

What kind of games I will not talk about here?

  • Games that the screen is not an addition value to them. For example, games that teach your kids to work with a data table. Why? Because you can learn that using a chalk and a board. Games here will have a value that can be found using a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet.
  • I will not talk about games that have elements of luck. It is true that luck is a part of life and kids need to learn to deal with it, but there are so many other skills to develop and I will focus on them.
  • Violent games will not find their way here
  • I also try to find apps that work on airplane mode so that your kids will not be bothered by beeps and other attractions that are caused by online mode.

Enroll to hand all those skills in the hands of your kids.

Who this course is for:
  • Parents
  • unschoolers
  • schoolers
  • people who care about offering their children to become successful, curious, talented, creators, explorers kid
  • people who allow their kids to use modern technology
  • Parents who want to understand what they teach before / while teaching their kids

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