Human Resource Management (HRM) and Strategic HR

Human Resource Management (HRM) and Strategic HR Free Tutorial Download

Students will be introduced to concepts and practices of human resource, strategy, and with a particular emphasis on the difference between traditional and strategic hr and how it affects the firms. Topics range from the evolution of hr, reflect on the past, present, future of hr, and how a manager can operate differently if adopt human resource management (HRM), or strategic human resource management (SHRM) approaches. Also, the document attaches in this course can guide students what the competencies are required for which level, earn certifications, and can boost their career growth in HR.

If you don’t know about hr or management concepts don’t worry I got you! Will start from basics, and learn together.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner in HR Field


Download  Human Resource Management (HRM) and Strategic HR  Free


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