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Igor Kheifets – Elite Affiliate Pro   Free Tutorial Download

It’s touted as the, ‘fastest shortcut to affiliate marketing success’ but at $997, down from $8,000, is it another overhyped affiliate course or does, Igor Kheifets course deliver? We’ll find out in my Elite Affiliate Pro review which looks at the entire course, bonuses and hidden extras.

The course is the special offer presented after watching his free workshop that he’s promoting on his Youtube channel and on various social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

I originally found out about this course a few months ago when it was originally being promoted but due to other commitments never got around to reviewing it. That fake countdown timer on the checkout page is a clear giveaway that this course isn’t going to close any time soon.

Who is Igor Kheifets?

Igor was originally a member on Warrior Forum where he’d sell his solo ads to members. For those that don’t know, solo ads are email marketing campaigns, where product sellers with larger lists will promote your link and send guaranteed clicks to your funnel in exchange for a fee, usually $0.30-$1 per click.

Solo Ads is a lucrative business, especially for the list owner, maybe not so much for the person buying the ad, but there’s easy money to be made.

There’s many negative reviews about Igor’s email marketing tactics, i.e. when you unsubscribe you get resubscribed to a new list.

Fast forward to 2019 and it appears Igor is on the affiliate bandwagon, promoting his new course through free training videos uploaded to Youtube. Most videos only get a few thousand views, where as some seem to go viral and get 5 figures.

Igor claims to have made $21,779.45 with just 481 clicks in 24 hours which seems to be his claim to fame and how he can now launch a course for $997 to show you how he did it, seems about right.


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