Integrating Appium into a DevOps Pipeline

Integrating Appium into a DevOps Pipeline   Free Tutorial Download


If you are a developer, then you will want to know how to add your Appium UI Automation tests to your DevOps pipelines. In this course, Integrating Appium into a DevOps Pipeline, you’ll learn to integrate Appium tests in your DevOps tool chain of choice. First, you will explore the need for UI Test automation Integration in the DevOps pipeline. Next, you will discover how this is done in the tools Jenkins, Azure DevOps, and GitHub Actions. Finally, you will learn to integrate your Appium based UI Automation Tests in your DevOps tool chain. By the end of this course, you will be able to report back to your business with quality information and/or compliance information that can be used as a gate for the release of your software to production.


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