Inter Process Communication using C + + & CPP-ZMQ Library

Inter Process Communication using C + + & CPP-ZMQ Library   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • IPC(Inter Process Communication) using C++ and use of 3rd-party library(cpp-zmq). Specifically discussing Request-Reply mechanism and finally building Siri kind of application.


  • C/C++ basic knowledge.


Is learning Inter Process Communication(IPC) difficult? You are in right place in right time. We make it simple to understand and remember.

Most of the Real World projects needs IPC. Two or more processes may have to talk with each other. So it is very important to understand & implement IPC.

To achieve IPC through messaging, we are using CPP-ZMQ, a C++ binding of ZMQ(C-library). ZMQ is a open source library.

Here you & me together will build Siri like console-text based application.


We are going to implement Siri/Google Assistant kind of application, which will be a console text based application where 2 processes will be communicating between each other.

During this implementation, you will be learning follows:-

  1. What is Request-Reply pattern in ZMQ library.
  2. How to use 3rd-party library in your project.
  3. What is IPC & how to achieve it through messaging?
  4. What is Socket & Ports?
  5. Creation of socket.
  6. Establishing connection to a socket.
  7. Making socket addresses.
  8. Understanding requirement of multiple ports in a socket with real time examples.
  9. Send and Receive messages.
  10. Some debugging tips.
  11. Prepare for next level.
  12. Console based Siri by you & me.


  1. By understanding the lectures, following the diagrams & algorithm.
  2. Completing 5 Assignments.


You can start using this in your realtime project when required.

You can further learn other ZMQ patterns easily, so you can use that in your current project.

Make the console based Siri more robust.

Who this course is for:

  • C/C++ developer curious to learn IPC and make use of 3rd-party library in existing project.
  • You may have a requirement to send message from one process to another process. Here we will learn how to achieve that. This is a most common requirement in real time project.

Download  Inter Process Communication using C + + & CPP-ZMQ Library  Free


Password : freetuts.download

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