Internet of Things with Python and Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi development comes in many flavors, but Python is common and powerful. In this project-based course, learn how to work with this highly readable language—along with a Raspberry Pi board—to build a secure ecosystem of interconnected IoT devices. Instructor Anum Sheraz begins by reviewing the basics of IoT smart devices, as well as several important IoT communication models. Next, Anum steps through how to create the first course project: an anti-theft motion detector. He then dives into several other projects that build upon this first one, including how to enable real-time bidirectional communication using PubNub, create and secure your own custom domain name, and build an atmosphere monitoring system that can alert and detect ambient atmospheric conditions.

Topics include:

  • Hardware considerations
  • IoT communication protocols
  • Internet security and cryptography
  • Working with PubNub
  • Designing the project architecture
  • Securing a custom domain
  • Creating rules for admin and non-admin users
  • Integrating sensors with Raspberry Pi

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