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So you’ve taken the plunge to learn how to program with Java but you’re finding the ideas of the jvm, stack and heap and where variables are stored a little confusing? This course is for you.

This course takes you from the mandatory hello world application and gives you all the information to be able to understand what’s going on when you click run on that program. From the JDK, JVM, to the structure of class files, bytecode, machine code to the difference between primitives and reference types.

It is my firm belief that if you get a picture in your head you’ll have a deeper understanding rather than remember a bunch of rules and facts and that is the philosophy of this course. Through a series of code examples i deconstruct it with some whiteboard animations building on a series of truths until you understand fully what’s going on when you click play on your hello world application.

This course won’t teach you to program but it’ll give you the tools to be able to become a better programmer

When you learn to program in a new language, knowing the paradigm, the development lifecycle, the language tools, syntax and running environment can seem pretty confusing. This course aims to explain all this.

This is NOT a programming course, it aims to answer all the questions or give you the language to be able to ask and hunt down the answers for yourself. This is supplementary to a programming course with explanations in one place

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner Java Developers
  • Confused Java Developers

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