Java SE Desktop Application with Swing, JPA and Maven

Download Tutorial Java SE Desktop Application with Swing, JPA and Maven

When I started software engineering, I always wanted to code without any configurations, version control or build server configurations. Later, I realized that coding is just one part of software engineering: architectural designs, design patterns and the ability to write reusable and loosely coupled software components are much more important parts of programming. At the beginning it was quite hard for me to comprehend the role of these technologies, now I know for ceratain that they are very important as well as useful and can be used on daily basis. So in this course I would like to show you how to separate modules with the help of maven as well as to use the Java Persistence API for database related operations. We will cover Maven in the first section. Then we will consider JPA as a framework. We will learn how to create fancy user interfaces with the Swing framework. At the last section of the course we will wire everything together.

Section 1:

  • setting up the environment
  • installing Java, Eclipse, Maven and MySQL

Section 2:

  • what is Maven
  • build lifecycles and phases
  • POM files

Section 3:

  • what is Java Persistence API (JPA)
  • object relation mapping with JPA
  • basic CRUD operations with EntityManager
  • using Hibernate

Section 4:

  • developing a desktop application from scratch
  • using Maven
  • using Swing framework for GUI
  • using JPA and MySQL

Thanks for joining the course, let’s get started!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is meant for everyone who knows basic Java and wants to get a good grasp of professional software engineering and design

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