JavaScript – Best Practices for Data

 JavaScript – Best Practices for Data    Free Tutorial Download

You know you want to write JavaScript code for maximal consistency, maintainability, and comprehensibility. Logic is one thing—data is another. This course explores the tools and approaches for keeping your data and data structures clean, uncluttered, and efficient. Instructor Sasha Vodnik introduces best practices from industry-standard style guides and introduces tools that will help you flag deviations as well as format code as you write it. He discusses moderns strategies for creating and using variables, assigning values, typecasting values, and making comparisons. These are the techniques that experienced JavaScript programmers use to optimize the way their applications handle data and keep their code up to date with the latest standards.

Topics include:

  • Style guides
  • Modern deployment tools
  • Better ways to declare variables
  • Removing unused variables
  • Assigning values
  • Creating arrays and objects using literals
  • Typecasting strings, numbers, and Booleans
  • Comparing values appropriately
  • Adding parentheses to clarify logic


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