JavaScript Data Structures – The Fundamentals

JavaScript Data Structures – The Fundamentals   Free Tutorial Download

When working with JavaScript, you’ll work with data structures all the time.

That includes built-in ones like Arrays, Objects, Maps or Sets but – especially if you dive deeper into JavaScript – also custom data structures like Linked Lists, Trees or Graphs.

This course covers it all!

We’ll recap the basic built-in data structures to understand how they work and when to use them, before we then explore important custom data structures.

In detail, this course covers the following structures:

  • Arrays (built-in)
  • Objects (built-in)
  • Sets (built-in)
  • Maps (built-in)
  • Linked Lists (custom)
  • Stacks (custom)
  • Queues (custom)
  • Hash Tables (custom)
  • Basic Trees (custom)
  • Binary Search Trees (BST, custom)
  • AVL Trees (custom)
  • Priority Queues (custom)
  • Heaps (custom)
  • Graphs (custom


Download  JavaScript Data Structures – The Fundamentals  Free


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