JavaScript Practice – Build 5 applications

JavaScript Practice – Build 5 applications Free Download

What you’ll learn
  • How to use JavaScript
  • How to create elements dynamically
  • Manipulate elements using JavaScript
  • Fundamental JavaScript concepts
  • Access to computer
  • Use of editor to write code
  • HTML and CSS knowledge

Practice JavaScript HERE!!!

Building 5 applications from scratch

Coin Toss Application – is it heads or tails

  • Setting up HTML elements and selecting them using JavaScript
  • Making elements interactive event listeners
  • How to apply conditions for game logic
  • Checking win conditions and game end function
  • Selecting elements querySelector and querySelectorAll
  • Manipulating HTML element content
  • JavaScript Math random and Math floor methods
  • Source Code included

Magic 8 Ball – find out the answer to your questions

  • Element manipulation and selection
  • JavaScript DOM Document Object Model
  • Interaction with event listeners
  • Math.floor() Math.random()
  • Random response content

Combination Cracker – can you guess the combo lock

  • JavaScript dynamically create elements
  • Select and add interactive content
  • Variables and objects for scoring
  • Math.random() make it unpredictable
  • Setting element attributes
  • Adding and removing element classes
  • Adding to element object data
  • Win conditions and game end functions
  • Element color updates and manipulation
  • Element selection
  • Game logic and building sequence

Word Scramble – guess the word

  • JavaScript arrays – randomize array contents
  • Element selection and manipulation of DOM content
  • Interactive event listeners
  • Dynamic class updates
  • Element object data
  • JavaScript Math random and Math methods

Countdown Timer – Pick a date and see how much time is left with a dynamically updating counter

  • Select and update elements on the page
  • Explore using JavaScript methods like Math, Date, setInterval,  clearInterval
  • Make it interactive add event listeners
  • Dynamic values with querySelector
  • Loops of objects

    Step by step lessons – source code included

No libraries, no shortcuts just learning JavaScript making it DYNAMIC and INTERACTIVE web application.

Step by step learning with all steps included.

Beginner JavaScript knowledge is required as the course covers only JavaScript relevant to the building of the game.  Also HTML and CSS knowledge is essential as scope of this course is all JavaScript focused.  

Along with friendly support in the Q&A to help you learn and answer any questions you may have.

Try it now you have nothing to lose, comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Start building your own version of the game today!!!!

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners to JavaScript
  • Anyone who wants to practice writing JavaScript
  • Web developers
  • Webmasters
  • Anyone who wants to learn to make a JavaScript game without any libraries

DownloadJavaScript Practice – Build 5 applications Free Download Free


Password : freetuts.download

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