jQuery for Beginner to Advanced: 12 Projects included

jQuery for Beginner to Advanced: 12 Projects included – Basic jquery tutorial plus 12 projects

Add cool features to your websites and web apps easily …

This is a Beginner to Advanced course and is suitable for anyone interested to learn some amazing jQuery effects and animations for their web projects. If you have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript then you’re good to go. If you finish this course, you’ll learn 12 really cool effects that you can use in your web projects. Moreover, using this knowledge, you will be able to do more interesting effects by your own.

The ideal student for this course should have a basic understanding of HTML & CSS, although we will briefly explain CSS selectors. When we dive into jQuery, we’ll briefly talk about programming concepts (like variables, functions, operators, arrays etc.).

This jQuery course will teach you what jQuery is and how to start using it to create animations and advance features for your websites or web applications.

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Manufacturer: Yudomi / Udemy
Language: English
Teacher: Sandip Bhattacharya
Level of training: Elementary, Secondary, Advanced
Training time: 2 hours + 8 minutes
File size: 1070 MB


Password : freetuts.download

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