LDAP Server Administration in 1 Hour

LDAP Server Administration in 1 Hour   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn
  • Understand about directory services and its requirement for storing data
  • Setup and configure an LDAP server and UI in both web and desktop
  • Know about Directory Information Tree and how it is built
  • Get hands-on experience on both phpLDAPadmin and Apache directory Studio
  • Work on LDAP command line tools for making changes to LDAP directory structure
  • Know about LDIF syntax and use it to make changes to directory structure
  • Know about LDAP schemas and learn how customized schemas can be made
  • Setup, configure and do authentication to remote LDAP server from a windows and linux client
  • Learn to automate LDAP tasks using python
  • Setup a replication in LDAP and see a demo failover
  • Basic knowledge about software industry
  • Computer or virtual machine running Windows and Linux (AWS Free-Tier Virtual nachines can be used) )
  • Basic programming knowledge on any programming language
  • Prior experience with LDAP is NOT required.

This is the most comprehensive, yet straight-forward, course for LDAP Directory Services on Udemy! Whether you never knew about LDAP before, already know few  basic concepts or want to learn about LDAP Directory Service, this course is for you. I have designed this course considering both beginners and experienced students.

With over 30 lectures  this comprehensive course covers all topics. This course includes power point presentation, demos, exercises and supplemental Resources

This course will teach you LDAP Directory Services in a practical manner, with every lecture coming as a full screencast.

Below are returns you get by investing your time and money on this course:

1. You are getting access to a course which covers all topics in LDAP Directory Services, by leaving no stones unturned

2. Practical demos on every concept will give you an end-to-end picture of LDAP and Directory Services

3. Exercise at the end of every chapter will add fuel to your creativity and will take you to next level

4. You get yourself familiar with tools required to use LDAP

5. You will gain confidence and knowledge to implement LDAP

This course is structured in following way:

  • Part 1 – Introduction: LDAP, Directory Service
  • Part 2 – Directory Information Tree: ObjectClasses, Attribute, Design of DIT
  • Part 3 – LDAP Setup: Demo, config, LDAP server, LDAP User Interface (web-based & client-based)
  • Part 4 – LDIF statement: Demo, Syntax, add objectClasses, multiple entities, add/modify attributes, Modify RDN
  • Part 5 – LDAP User Interface: Demo, config, phpLDAPAdmin, Apache Directory Studio, phpLDAPAdmin templates, search, import, export
  • Part 6 – LDAP command-line tools: Demo, config, syntax, Search, Add, delete, Modify
  • Part 7 – LDAP Schemas: Demo, Concepts, config, loading schemas, customized schemas
  • Part 8 – Remote LDAP authentication: Demo, config, Linux Authentication, Windows Authentication, pgina
  • Part 9 – LDAP Python Library: Demo, Bind, unbind, add, modify ADD, Modify Replace, Modify Delete, Modify Increment, modify DN, search, delete
  • Part 10 – LDAP Replication: Demo, concepts, config, replication types

So what are you waiting for? Learn LDAP Directory Services and stay ahead in job market

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who want to learn LDAP from scratch
  • People who want to create an LDAP setup in a short span of time
  • People who want to get career opportunities in LDAP
  • Automation engineers, who want to understand and automate LDAP tasks


Download LDAP Server Administration in 1 Hour   Free


Password : freetuts.download

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