Learn C# by Creating a Fun Life Simulator Game in Unity

Download Tutorial Learn C# by Creating a Fun Life Simulator Game in Unity

In this course you will learn how to create a fun Life Simulator Game from the ground up that is similar to games such as Homeless?  But more importantly, this course is designed to teach critical game development concepts that will allow you to make your own games.

  • Learn Important Unity 5.0 UI Concepts
  • Great for Beginning to Intermediate Level Game Programmers
  • Starts off with simple C# that even a beginner can understand… end up with a full featured game!
  • Learn how to re-factor the game to improve design and learn more advanced topics and design patterns

Course Overview: This course focuses on core Game Design and Programming Principals. It is designed as a beginner C# course that will take you into advanced topics. We use the tools in Unity 3D to create the Interface and Artwork is all from Creative Commons. Our game design only roughly borrows from many of the Life Simulator games that focus on attributes such as Food, Health, and Money. By the end of the course you will be able to customize the game as you please and we look forward to you sharing your Life Simulator creations with us.

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This course starts at the beginning but ramps up quickly to teach you important Game Design Patterns that you must know to write professional games:

Learn Important Game Development Skills:

  • Learn how to create a Unity3D Project
  • The entire project is created step-by-step. Start at the very beginning!
  • Perfect for those that are new to Unity and Programming in General
  • Start right away using Unity 3D’s newest UI tools to create a working game
  • Write your first C# script and learn the basics of variables, IF statements, Methods, and Managing Lists
  • Create Health and Food bars to visually show the health of the player
  • Improve your game design by using events and delegates
  • Informal video exercises where we ask you to pause the video along the way help reinforce what you are learning

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Who is the target audience?
  • Beginning C# developers who want to quickly jump into more intermediate and advanced techniques
  • Anyone who would like to learn how to build a Life Simulator step-by-step
  • Developers who want to learn important game design patterns and techniques

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