Learn photoshop CC 2018 : Step By Step From Beginner To Pro

This Course is a complete guide in Photoshop that starts with you from scratch by explaining the software interface and how to add files and open designs it also explains all of the menus in the software until you become able to deal with the software without any help and you will reach a level where you can create your own designs by yourself in a highly professional way.

The course is very easy and simple we also provide files in open source so that you can keep up in an organized way and understand information’s in a smooth way.

The lessons are organized in a practical way. we start with you step-by-step and this course is divided to two levels the first level walks you through the basics and fundamentals of the software and the second one is for the more advanced lessons in which we will create professional designs.

The main goal of this course is to help beginners reach an advanced phase in which they become able to work with advanced courses and understand them in a simple way.

You can’t learn the software through advanced courses directly because you don’t understand the basics and fundamentals of the software so this course gives you a complete guide to the basics and how to work with the tools of the software by explaining each and every tool with a practical lesson in which you use these tools effectively plus the advanced lessons that tests your design skills.


Who this course is for:
  • Guys who have no experience in Photoshop and want to become professional designers.
  • Guys with simple background in Photoshop and want to improve their skills in design.
  • Guys who want to become freelancers and work as professional designers.

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