Learn the basics of React Hooks and create a Weather App

Get started with React’s latest feature React Hooks and build a Weather App with React Hooks Free Download

React Hooks are the latest features of React. They were introduced in version 16.8. If you want to keep your React knowledge up-to-date then you definitely should learn React Hooks.

But what is a React Hook?

A React Hook is a function which lets you hook into function components and use the React features like lifecycle methods and state. Before React Hooks this was only possible with class components.

Why you should learn it?

Even though the creators of React do not recommend migrating existing codebase to React Hooks but they strongly suggest that you create your new components using React Hooks. So if you want to keep up with React then it’s time you learned React Hooks.

What can you learn in this course?

This course introduces React Hooks from the beginning. We’re going to look at some of the mostly used built in Hooks (useStateuseEffect). We’ll create our own React Hook as well, so after this course you’ll be able to create your own React Hook. We’re going to finish this course by creating a Weather App which is going to call a real API to fetch real weather data. This course will give you the solid foundations of React Hooks which then you can apply to your projects too.

When is this course not for you?

I want to be upfront here. This course is not for you if you’ve created many projects with React Hooks, you already know the main concepts of React Hooks and you’ve created your own custom Hooks as well. This course gives an introduction to React Hooks though we’re going to cover the two most used built in React Hooks extensively.

Who this course is for:
  • Who wants to learn React Hooks from the beginning
  • Who wants to see how to work with APIs using React Hooks
What you’ll learn
  • React Hooks basics
  • Create your custom React Hook
  • How to use React Hooks in a real app
  • How to use APIs with React Hooks

DownloadLearn the basics of React Hooks and create a Weather App Free Download Free


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