Learn Web Developmet With CSS3 Flexbox Layout ( 2020 )

Learn Web Developmet With CSS3 Flexbox Layout ( 2020 )   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Creating Html page
  • Basic concepts of CSS3
  • Advance concepts of CSS3
  • Complete concepts and usage of CSS Flexbox Layout from beginning to advance
  • Using Visual studio Code
  • Google Chrome developer tool


  • Some basic knowledge of html
  • No CSS knowledge required
  • Google Chrome , Visual studio code (both free)


This course is quick start of web development, starting from scratch. Covering the very basic step of creating the web page and dive in to the core concepts of CSS. CSS Flexbox is core technology for web page layout, it make web development easy and responsive. All topics of CSS Flexbox covered very well.

Main focus of this course is Project Base Learning. So, as a beginner developer you learn lot of html5 tags and css properties with development of projects. (on the fly) . With using the code editor Visual Studio Code and Chrome developer tools.

You are going to Learn.

  • Html5
  • Html Basic
  • Html tags and semantic tags
  • Creating form
  • Adding Image to html, background images
  • .png file as a icon
  • Creating and using lists
  • Using google fonts
  • text-align
  • anchor tag
  • ……(learn on fly)

2. CSS3 Core Concepts

  • How to add CSS to html
  • Box model
  • Css selectors
  • Handling images
  • Margin, padding
  • …..(learn on fly)

3. CSS Flexbox Layout

  • Flexbox properties All(parent container)
  • Flexbox child properties

4. Projects

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and intermediate web developer

Download  Learn Web Developmet With CSS3 Flexbox Layout ( 2020 )  Free


Password : freetuts.download

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