Learning Android for iOS Developers

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Discover how to develop basic Android and iOS apps. This course was designed for iOS developers who want to enhance their familiarity with both the Android and iOS development process. Here, instructor Tom Duffy demonstrates how to develop the same command-line app using both iOS and Android, providing opportunities for you to compare the two platforms along the way. Tom goes through the basic development process and tools for both iOS and Android, and discusses differences in app lifecycles, inheritance, and access control. He then rebuilds the same simple command-line applications from before, but wires them into mobile interfaces using Xcode and Android Studio.

Topics include:

  • Android platform architecture
  • Generic smartphone app life cycle
  • Android activity life cycle
  • Working with Java
  • Encapsulation and polymorphism in Java
  • SDK Manager and AVD Manager in Android Studio
  • Android Studio vs. Xcode
  • Creating a simple Android app

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