Learning COBIT

Learning COBIT   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Decide whether and how COBIT can help you to improve your IT and/or solve your immediate problems
  • Find out how to effectively self-study COBIT and get an official COBIT5 Foundation certificate
  • Understand your boss or colleagues when they talk about COBIT
  • Talk about COBIT in an interview or a sales meeting
  • Decide whether COBIT could be a business opportunity for you, whether you shall include it in your portfolio


  • Basic generic knowledge of IT is very helpful but not necessary

COBIT5 Introduction course is a fast way how to get familiar with the basics of COBIT5. Whether you need to understand what people talk about when they mention COBIT or you wish to be able to judge whether it may help you to fix problems and improve your IT this is the right course for you.

IT is also extremely useful if you would like to obtain an official internationally recognized COBIT5  Foundation certificate as it explains the possible ways and provides key resources for getting certified. The course doesn’t provide the certification itself but it gives you all you need to obtain it.

Start your journey with COBIT5 here and discover whole new world of possibilities for your IT.

Important!!!! Please be aware that this is very short (only 30mins long) course which doesn’t teach you COBIT5 content, it will just tell you what COBIT5 is, whether it can be useful for you and how and where to study it (it includes resources for self-study). 

Who this course is for:
  • This course is meant for IT professionals – managers or specialists who would like to find out what is COBIT and how it can be useful


Download  Learning COBIT  Free


Password : freetuts.download

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