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If you want to become a good type designer, diving into the study of type is beneficial. It’s important to know what makes a good face, how details are used to define a family, and how to edit your designs so that they look well balanced and consistent, not off-kilter. In this course, join Charles Nix as he sets you on the right path with best practices and details on how to achieve a cohesive collection of letters. He helps you understand exactly what makes a typeface great, explores tools, methods, and materials, shows how to draw the basic glyphs, and explains how to produce a functioning font.

Topics include:

  • Why study typography?
  • What makes a typeface great?
  • Serifs
  • Stroke angle, weight, and contrast
  • Shape variations
  • Finding good models
  • Typeface vs. lettering
  • Drawing the basic glyphs
  • Producing a functioning font
  • Printing, critiquing, and revising

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