Linux – Network Configuration

 Linux – Network Configuration   Free Tutorial Download

Networking is an essential part of a Linux administrator’s skill set. Effective networks help users communicate, share resources, and get things done. Learn how to configure network interfaces and client-side services on Linux in this course with instructor Scott Simpson. He covers DHCP, DNS, Wi-Fi, and firewall configuration, working with both the CLI and the GUI (NetworkManager). Plus, learn how to route traffic between networks and troubleshoot your setup.

Note: This course concentrates on the CentOS distribution of Linux, but there are separate lessons on configuring networking for Ubuntu/Debian.

Topics include:

  • Finding device information
  • Managing connections with NetworkManager
  • Configuring dynamic addresses using DHCP
  • Configuring static clients
  • Configuring Wi-Fi
  • Configuring networking manually
  • Setting the hostname
  • Configuring the firewall
  • Routing traffic between networks


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