Linux – Overview and Installation

Linux – Overview and Installation   Free Tutorial Download

Join the Linux revolution. Learn why this open-source operating system is taking over the world. This course covers an overview and basic implementation of CentOS 7, a community-driven server operating system that makes a great introduction to enterprise Linux. Grant McWilliams helps you configure VirtualBox on your local machine, and covers the basics of network configuration, initial software installation, and postinstallation configuration of CentOS, including working with GNOME 3, an open-source desktop environment that makes Linux as easy to run as Mac or Windows. These lessons are the foundation for learning Linux system administration, and critical for getting a CentOS deployment up and running.

Topics include:

  • Identify the basic components of a Linux distribution.
  • Explain why it is important to note the VirtualBox host key on your installation.
  • Point out one way you could modify the settings of your VM before installing CentOS.
  • Determine the first thing you should do when logging into a newly installed VM for the first time.
  • Tell how to use Gnome 3’s overview mode to start any application.


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