Linux – Package Management for CentOS

 Linux – Package Management for CentOS   Free Tutorial Download

Discover how to efficiently manage the thousands of installable pieces of software that come with CentOS Linux. In this course, learn about Linux software package choices—including Debian and RPM—and learn how to manage packages with RPM and Yum. Computer science instructor and Linux enthusiast Grant McWilliams explains how to use RPM tools to query the package database, monitor your file system using the package manager for any files that have changed, and greatly expand the available software by adding third-party repositories to CentOS. Plus, he covers troubleshooting your software installation tools to ensure that your system continues to run well.

Topics include:

  • List the factors that must be checked before downloading a Linux software package from the internet.
  • Cite what must be done before installing software from source.
  • State the key difference between a local package manager and a repository-based manager.
  • Write what you would specify on the command line to change the rpm query format.
  • Explain how a Yum client knows what software can be installed.
  • Identify which directory Yum repository configure files are stored.


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