Lucy Knight – An Introduction to Gymball Workout

Lucy Knight – An Introduction to Gymball Workout   Free Tutorial Download

Fitness professional Lucy Knight has created an innovative program combining the focus and postures of yoga with the core stability and balancing qualities of gymball. These two popular forms of exercise have been imaginatively fused together into a fabulous and rewarding workout concept. Lucy’s program has split-level options, therefore making it accessible for Beginners through to Intermediate.

Yoga is an ancient practice and has been benefitting people for thousands of years. It is an exercise for the mind, body and spirit. Combining this with the benefits of gymball will reawaken deep postural muscles, challenge core stability and dramatically improve your all-over body tone. If you already practice yoga, introducing gymball will certainly add a new dimension to your workout.

Yoga Gymball Workout is an exciting, fun and incredibly effective fusion!


Download  Lucy Knight – An Introduction to Gymball Workout  Free


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