Machine Learning – Beginner Reinforcement Learning in Python

Machine Learning – Beginner Reinforcement Learning in Python   Free Tutorial Download

This course is designed for beginners to machine learning. Some of the most exciting advances in artificial intelligence have occurred by challenging neural networks to play games. I will introduce the concept of reinforcement learning, by teaching you to code a neural network in Python capable of delayed gratification.

We will use the NChain game provided by the Open AI institute. The computer gets a small reward if it goes backwards, but if it learns to make short term sacrifices by persistently pressing forwards it can earn a much larger reward. Using this example I will teach you Deep Q Learning – a revolutionary technique invented by Google DeepMind to teach neural networks to play chess, Go and Atari.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in machine learning


Download  Machine Learning – Beginner Reinforcement Learning in Python  Free


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