Make Hyper-Realistic Outdoor Environments in Unreal Engine

Make Hyper-Realistic Outdoor Environments in Unreal Engine   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • People WILL NOT believe you when you say it’s not a photo
  • You will learn the basics of Blender 2.81 for Asset Modeling
  • You will learn how to use Quixel Mixer from start to finish
  • You will learn the basics of WorldMachine for quick terrain generation
  • You will learn how to get your hands on UNLIMITED free Megascans assets
  • You will create two entire projects: a Grassy Field, and a Rocky Beach
  • You will learn the basics of Unreal Engine 4.23


  • Be willing to learn: the best learning comes with patience!


“There’s no way that’s not a picture.” That’s what most people say when I show them my recent work. Isn’t that what we all do it for? The raw wonder and disbelief inspired by incredible art. Game design is an art form, so please allow me to show you the brush, the canvas, and the paint.

Unreal Engine has always been well-known for its realistic lighting and graphics, but when paired with the stunningly realistic library of assets from Quixel, there is absolutely no competition! In this course, we will take the absolute beginner from knowing NOTHING about Unreal Engine 4 (UE4), Blender 2.81, or the Quixel Suite to a workable knowledge of:

  • How to Install Unreal Engine 4.23
  • How to Access Unlimited Free Photoscanned Assets
  • How to Import Megascans Assets into Unreal Engine 4.23
  • How to Navigate the UE4 Interface
  • How to Layout a Scene
  • How to Manipulate Objects in Unreal Engine
  • How to Mass-Place Objects and Plants/Grass with the Foliage tool
  • How to Access a Library of Free Trees and Modify the Assets
  • How to Find Biome Information to Create Realistic Biodiversity for an Area
  • Which Assets to Start with, and Which to End with
  • How to Create an Entire Grassy Field
  • Extra Pro Tricks for Speeding up the Unreal Engine Workflow
  • How to Playtest and Prototype your Levels in Third Person or First Person
  • How to use Unreal Engine’s BSP System Quickly to Greybox Levels
  • How to Create Fog Effects in Unreal
  • How to Create Rivers, Lakes, Oceans, Waterfalls, etc
  • How to Use WorldMachine to Generate Incredibly Realistic Terrain Objects
  • How to Create a Functional Landscape Material in Unreal
  • How to Paint Landscapes Automatically to Save Time
  • How to Install Blender 2.81
  • How to Navigate Blender 3D’s Interface
  • How to Create Basic Models in Blender
  • Blender 2.8’s Modifier Workflow for Fast Editing
  • How to Set Up Material Slots for your Assets (Bricks for Wall, Asphalt for Road)
  • How to Send Blender Models to Unreal Engine 4.23
  • How to Use Tessellation to Create Photo-like Objects
  • How to Create a Rocky Beach Level
  • How to Create Cinematic Camera Animations, like Those in the Trailer!
  • How to Use Quixel Mixer to Create Amazing Mixed Materials
  • How to Export Quixel Mixer Materials to Unreal Engine 4.23

Daniel Krafft is a freelance 3D Artist and has 5,500 students on Udemy. He has three years of experience with Blender and Level Design.

Throughout the course, you are encouraged to create your own level designs and make your own scene. In the end, it would be amazing if students would take what they learned in this course and make something beautiful with it. There are multiple relevant practice activities that will test the student’s level design skills. Students can submit their scenes and receive personalized feedback from the instructor, based on the quality of their level design.

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Who this course is for:
  • Game Designers looking to broaden their artistic capabilities with new products
  • Hobbyists who want to impress their friends with awesome 3D art!
  • Level Designers looking to spice up their portfolios with some fancy next-gen graphics
  • Indie Game Devs who want an edge on PC and console competition


Download  Make Hyper-Realistic Outdoor Environments in Unreal Engine  Free


Password : freetuts.download

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