Market Research Foundations

Market Research Foundations Free Download

Join market research expert Sarah Weise as she goes over some of the best marketing research techniques and how to leverage them for nearly any challenge at hand. Sarah lays the groundwork for the course by examining the role marketing research plays in making strategic decisions about your brand or product. She shows how to get to know your customers though quantitative and qualitative techniques ranging from surveys and interviews to mobile diary studies and ethnography. Learn how to clarify your research goals, how to sell your company on research, how to find the best participants, and how to present your data in succinct, meaningful formats like customer personas and journey maps. You’ll walk away with the skills you need to plan your next market research study with confidence.

Topics include:

  • Defining your research approach
  • Qualitative research techniques, such as focus groups
  • Quantitative research techniques, including surveys
  • Articulating your research goals
  • Selling your company on research
  • Effectively presenting your findings
  • Using personas and journey mapping


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