Master Teradata- A Complete Course on Teradata

The course covers the following Topics:

  • Teradata Architecture,
  • Space management and data protection,
  • Data Distribution,
  • Indexing and Explain Plan development,
  • Teradata SQL,
  • Performance turning and query optimization,
  • Teradata utilities and best practices,

The course covers teradata in detail with examples-

  • Sessions are theoretical as well as practical.
  • Examples used are from real life project scenarios.
  • Animated and pictorial PPT slides for better understanding of concepts.
  • Very Interactive sessions with best audio and screen sharing.
  • Emphasis on teaching concepts, rather than just covering topics.
  • Practical sessions are done by sharing the Teradata environment on trainers screen and showing the exact way of doing things in Teradata Client Software.
Who this course is for:
  • Beginner and advanced both

Screenshot Tutorials/Courses

Download Free Tutorial Master Teradata- A Complete Course on Teradata


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