Mastering Putty for beginners (+ Session Manager, MobaXTerm)

Download Tutorial Mastering Putty for beginners (+ Session Manager, MobaXTerm)

PuTTY is an open source SSH and telnet client developed originally by Simon Tatham for the Windows platform. Putty is a light-weight standalone application, that is easy to learn.

In addition, Putty also supports – RloginRaw and Serial connections.

Putty is a well know tool among system and network administrators. However, Putty can be a handy tool for programmersDBAs, and QA Testers as well, when working with Unix/Linux based systems.

Putty comes with many settings to customize your sessions to your project needs. 

  • Download and install Putty – Quick way & Installer way.
  • Learn to launch duplicate & multiple sessions quickly.
  • Establish SSH sessions to the same server with a different/same username.
  • Customize & Tune Putty with various settings.
  • Use X11 Forwarding to access Linux GUI.
  • Automatically SAVE your SSH session to a file.
  • Tips & Recommendations (Working on adding more)
  • Securely Transfer files
  • Using other tools/components that come with Putty
  • Understand & Use RSA key-pair for Password-less authentication.
  • Create a Linux Virtual Machine (EC2) in AWS & SSH into your own AWS Linux Machine.
  • *** NEW *** Learn PuTTY Session Manager
  • *** NEW *** Learn MobaXTerm
  • Putty Cheatsheet (Coming Soon)
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone working with linux machines from a windows machine.

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Download Free Tutorial Mastering Putty for beginners (+ Session Manager, MobaXTerm)


Password : freetuts.download

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