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This course empowers Redux users by helping them make better architectural decisions. After going through the architectural standpoint of building a large-scale Redux application, you’ll dive into common performance pitfalls and how to avoid them. Next, you’ll make tools that interact with Redux. Moreover, you’ll go through the different approaches to asynchronous effects and how to maintain an organization at scale. You’ll be introduced to the server-rendering concept and learn to deal with it in React applications. Also, you’ll understand what’s needed to load your Redux store from the server.

Finally, we mention use cases where Redux might not be that useful and talk about helpful tools in the react-Redux ecosystem.

Style and Approach

This course is super-friendly and has a completely practical approach. You’ll know how to work with the React environment and its components, and use Redux middleware with Redux. Also, you’ll learn to combine React Router with Redux, implement state management patterns and their implementations, and make your apps more data-driven and real-time.

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