Mathematical intuition for Calculus

Mathematical intuition for Calculus Free Download

What you’ll learn
  • Real-life problems can be very difficult. Mathematics can be very helpful in finding a solution. In this course, I would like to teach Calculus in a more intuitive manner, without resorting to formalisms that could hinder the learning and understanding process at a first glance.
  • Knowledge of: arithmetic, the basic notions of functions and trigonometry. The concept of functions and some trigonometry will be revisited, with emphasis being put on intuition rather than rigor.

In this course Calculus is explained by focusing on understanding the key concepts rather than learning the formulas by rote. The process of reasoning by using mathematics is the primary objective of the course, and not simply being able to do computations.

The prior knowledge requirements are pretty basic. Previous knowledge of the concept of: functions, trigonometry, simple high school algebra would be useful.

Who this course is for:
  • All those people who like to reason by using mathematics, or even those who would like to understand more about Calculus than just “rules”


DownloadMathematical intuition for Calculus Free Download Free


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