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Mathematics is considered to be a dry and boring subject by a large number of people. Children dislike and fear mathematics for many reasons. This course is made with the sole purpose of helping school and college students, teachers, parents, common people and people from non-mathematical areas of study, to discover the joys of solving mathematical problems by a wonderful set of techniques.

The techniques reduce drastically, the number of steps required to solve problems and in many cases, after a little practice, many of the problems can be solved orally. It gives tremendous self-confidence  to the students which leads them to enjoy mathematics instead of fearing and disliking it.

The whole idea is to use techniques so that it becomes more interesting. Our mind is always attracted towards interesting things and not boring stuff. Whenever you use new methods to do the same old stuff the interest level peaks up. What if there was a better way to do this.

The idea is to create a smarter mindset which is more open and creative, always ready to explore new possibilities. To create a mindset which will not follow the beaten path while making decisions but explore all options before making decisions. To make boring stuff more interesting and stress free.

If you program your mind to make things interesting and if you program your mind to learn new things the benefits are lasting.

Have you ever wondered why people who regularly go to temples or churches tend to memorize holy books without trying hard. It happens automatically because slowly and steadily your mind gets programmed.

Similarly when you expose your mind to new things regularly like this course and practice, you are programming your mind and soon they manifest in your behaviour and outlook. You will have a smarter and stress free mindset looking for smarter solutions.

That is what this course is about. To show that there are always better ways to do things.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn mental math

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