Microsoft Excel 2016 Basic and Advanced Skills and Tools

Microsoft Excel 2016 Basic and Advanced Skills and Tools

What you’ll learn
  • In this course you will learn about the basic Excel skills all the way to the advanced tools and functions.
  • Learn how to use cells, the ribbon and work with rows and columns. Work with charts, tables, shapes and use filtering and formatting.
  • Learn Formulas for functions such as sum, sumif, countif, average, index, match, and more.
  • Learn how to sort information on tables or on different sheets.
  • Learn how to use and edit shapes and edit imported pictures.
  • Learn multiple shortcuts and how to review your work.
  • Instructions will be spoken and there will also be text on screen for each step.

  • Know how to open Excel and the basics of using a computer. The course will even show you how to open a new workbook in Excel.

Learn about the basics, such as opening a new workbook, using the ribbon and using cells and sheets.

Learn the commonly used formulas and functions to solve mathematical problems and figure out values.

Learn how to use Tables, Pivot Tables, filtering information and formatting cells.

Learn about Text tools, colors, gradients and effects.

Learn how to use the Data Tools.

Learn how to insert shapes and images and add effects to them and change colors.

Learn how to create and use Charts.

Learn how to use Concatenate, Consolidate, Flash fill and make drop down lists.

Learn how to use What if Analysis tools (Data tables, Goal seek and Scenario Manager)

Learn how to create a timeline.

Learn how to use the Query feature.

Learn about reviewing your work and using basic features like zoom and checking spelling.

Learn shortcuts that allow you to do work quicker.

Includes 10 Practice Assignments and Quizzes.

Course is in English with English text instructions on screen during videos.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner and Intermediate Excel users. Those who want to learn about using spreadsheets to store and edit information.


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