Microsoft Excel for Everyone, Every day and for Every job

Microsoft Excel for Everyone, Every day and for Every job   Free Tutorial Download

This course is quite different from other courses you may find like excel for beginners, Excel for Advanced users or excel essentials like that. I have seen many courses teaches many formulae and functions but most of them fails to show you the application of those formulae in solving the real world problems. I have designed this course to teach not just the formulae and functions, I am demonstrating its application with different use cases from different business challenges. Whether you are a business analyst, report creator, student, marketing analyst or someone who wants to improve your knowledge on Excel to grow up in your career, then this is the course for you. Once you complete this course you can confidently tackle real world challenges.

I am going to solve more than 20 real-world excel examples during this course and you may find lot of these examples to be applicable to your work as well and you can download them and use them immediately.

Some of the problems solved in this course are

· Rating the Salespersons Based on Sales – Poor, Average, Good, Excellent (Using Multiple IF ELSE , Conditional Formatting)

· Rating the Salesperson based on Sales – Poor, Average, Good, Excellent (Using VLOOKUP and compare it with using IF ELSE)

· Extracting Cheque Number from Bank Statement (Using MID, FIND functions)

· Comparing two Supplier Statements (Using VLOOKUP)

· Preparing Inventory Stock Status Report (Using the IF ELSE, Conditional Formatting)

· Calculating the Sales Amount per Product and for Product by Country (Using SUMIF, SUMIFS)

· Calculating the Sales Amount per Product and for Product by Country (Using PIVOT Table and compare it with using SUMIFS)

· Plotting Sales and Profit % and also on Cum. Sales % on 2 Different Axes (Using Combo charts – COLUMN, LINE)

· Calculating YOY Sales Growth (Using PIVOT Table and Charts)

· Preventing Data Entry Error and to make Data Entry Faster (Using Dynamic Data List which grows automatically)

· Splitting Names to First Name, Last Name, eMail Domain etc. (Using TEXT to columns)

· Highlighting Duplicates, Preventing Duplicate Entries, Showing bars, Icons etc. (Using Conditional formatting)

· Creating Insurance Expiry Register (Use of Multiple Conditional Formatting)

· Helping to Decide which Loan suits better in respect to Periods and EMI (Use of data table, PMT)

· Finding Break even for a Business (using 2 way data table)

· Cleaning Supplier Statement from an ERP to make report of your style (Using Go To Special, PIVOT Table)

· Getting Data from other table using non first column, (Using INDEX MATCH where VLOOKUP fails)

· Preparing Secured shopping list (Application of SUM, LOCK & Data Protection)

· Preparing organizational chart (Using Smart Art)

· Preparing eMail List in excel using data stored in a text file (Using Get data from text / csv)

· Auditing the Data Without Any Assistant (Using SPEAK CELLS option)

· Preparing the Payroll of Employees (Using the Absolute and Relative references)

Who this course is for:

  • Data Analysts, Accounts & Finance Professionals, IT Professionals, MIS Report Creator, Students or Someone looking for change of career


Download  Microsoft Excel for Everyone, Every day and for Every job Free


Password : freetuts.download

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