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Office Add-ins allow developers to customize and place time-saving automation logic for tasks right where users need it—inside Microsoft Office applications. This is a unique opportunity to deliver tangible business benefit with minimal effort. This course shows you how to get started using Office Add-ins. The course covers how to build add-ins with Visual Studio; how to use other libraries with add-ins; how to use add-ins for Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Excel, and Outlook; and how to distribute an add-in that you developed.

Topics include:

  • How Office extensions work
  • Using the Office.js libraries
  • Working with ScriptLab
  • Creating an add-in with Visual Studio
  • Working with manifests and commands
  • Deploying and debugging add-ins
  • Developing new add-in controls
  • Converting from JavaScript to TypeScript
  • Working with Yeoman, Angular, and React
  • Sideloading add-ins to different locations
  • Guidelines for designing add-ins
  • Using Office application APIs
  • Publishing and licensing add-ins

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