MongoDB Tutorial for Beginners

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Learn MongoDB in simple and easy steps using this beginner’s tutorial containing basic to advanced knowledge. 

MongoDB is one of the most used, open source document database and NoSQL database. MongoDB is developed by 10gen. It is written in c ++ and it is a document-oriented database. It uses BSON format. 

This tutorial will provide you with a good understanding of MongoDB concepts and provide you with the skills to be a MongoDB expert.

This tutorial is intended for students and new developers who are willing to learn the MongoDB Database in easy to understand steps. This tutorial will provide you MongoDB concepts that will help you to get started with MongoDB quickly. After completing this course, you will lay the foundation for NoSql databases from where you can take yourself at a higher level of expertise.

In this Tutorial we will learn. How to install MongoDB, How to create new collections that store documents, You will learn about the most common and used MongoDB shell commands to manage your documents. We will store the different types of data that can be stored. You will gain confidence in how to preform CRUD operations ie Create, Read, Update and Delete data. Then the course will dive into much deeper MongoDB concepts like Projection, Using Sort, Skip, and Limit, Indexing, Aggregation, BackUp and Restore.

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