MS Excel – Nested Functions and Array Formulas Workshop

MS Excel – Nested Functions and Array Formulas Workshop   Free Tutorial Download

Sure, we have all seen spreadsheets that contain these long and complex formulas which sometimes seem impossible to read and understand. Have you ever wished you were able to write such formulas yourself so that you can increase your productivity in Excel and impress your colleagues? In such case, this course is exactly for you.

In this course, we are going to review more than 50 Excel functions, but we will not simply learn how to use single functions here and there. Being able to apply single functions isn’t very helpful as in practice, unless you have to sum a range of cells, in most cases you will have to use several functions to achieve the desired results. Instead, we will focus on combining functions and formulas which will otherwise require helper cells, ranges or columns.

We will also review many array formulas examples which will bring you closer to be a real “super-user” in Excel.

We will also look at some of Excel 365’s dynamic array functions – XLOOKUP, XMATCH, FILTER, SORT, UNIQUE, RANDARRAY, LET.

What will NOT be covered in this course:

· Pivot tables

· Charts and visualizations

· Power Query

· VBA programming (we will review only a few examples…)

Who this course is for:

  • Excel users who wish to improve their formula-writing skills by solving real-world examples
  • Excel beginners who wish to learn how to combine several functions into one single formula
  • Users who want to improve the speed of their work in Excel


Download  MS Excel – Nested Functions and Array Formulas Workshop Free


Password : freetuts.download

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