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The P90X Extreme Home Fitness series is exactly that: A 90-day workout program that includes 12 extreme workouts designed to push your limits in every way. From pushups to pull-ups and plyometrics to yoga, Tony Horton’s P90X promises to “transform your body from regular to ripped in just 90 days,” and it does live up to its promises…if you can follow it. The schedule is very structured, with just one rest day a week, and the exercises are intense and challenging. Overall, Tony has created a challenging, thoughtful and balanced program that will appeal to people who want to take their training to the next level.

The Basics

A 90-day workout program taught by a talkative and muscular Tony Horton, that includes 12 workout DVDs with a focus on high-intensity resistance training. The workouts are divided by different muscle groups and fitness objectives (e.g., chest and back one day, cardio the next, shoulders and arms, yoga, etc.) and increase in intensity every 4 weeks. The included calendar helps you map out your schedule, with 3 weeks at a high intensity (workouts are scheduled every day except 1) followed by a week of recovery. There’s a diet plan included as well, which is not reviewed.

Getting Started

Before starting the program, you’re urged to take a fitness test to make sure you’re ready. It would be nice if that were included in one of the videos, but it is outlined in the included manual. The test alone is intense with exercises like pull-ups, leaps, pushups, sit and reach, wall squats, biceps curls, in and outs and jumping jacks.


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