Paint a Cute Watercolor Bunny: Step by Step

Take a step forward on your watercolor journey and learn to paint a cute cuddly bunny. In this detailed class I will share my technique to paint watercolor animal portraits with carefully crafted step by step lessons.

Do you love animals and would you love to learn how to paint cute looking creatures as portraits or greeting cards? If Yes , then you are definitely at the right class.

Apart from florals and landscapes, painting animals is something I love to create with watercolor and I have explored quite a few different animal portraits but the ones I adore the most are bunnies.

Painting animals for the first time can definitely feel challenging with a medium like watercolors but I want to share with you my technique to create attractive and innocent looking animal portraits and get you comfortable painting your first bunny!

In this real time detailed class I will walk you through my entire process including:

  • how and what I look for in a reference image
  • how I create a loose sketch
  • followed by painting a cute cuddly bunny step by step with me explaining each and every brush stroke .

Apart from the project, with this class you will learn some really useful watercolor techniques which you can apply to your projects even beyond this class:

  • how to create soft blends
  • how to control water
  • creating contrast without getting harsh lines
  • how to softly lift colors

I also share my tips to create those eyes with innocence dripping from them that my bunnies are quite popular for on social media. Eyes are the feature that can really make or break your animal portrait so you need to be really patient with them and with this class you will learn how to tackle that and how I work on them in stages without letting any panic set in.

All of these techniques you will learn in this class you can use to create all kinds of other creatures.Bunnies are just a sweet place to start at.

I really hope you would join me in this class and get started with animal portraits.

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